The Dark Knight in The Dark Night

"why so serious?"

Joker quote inThe Dark knight Movie

Want to see Good Movie in July? I recommended you Must see this movie: The Dark Knight, Sequel from Batman Begin Movie (2005). In This movie, Batman will face Joker, The most insane Villian I ever seen. So cruel, bad, and have no feeling about kill Others. When Others Villian try to get money Joker not, He just wanna make Gotham City burn, chaos and build feer in the ziticen.

In this Movie,  there's just litle discussion , just sound of explode building, fire, and others action that make you say " Waaaw...".

this is just litle reveiew from me. Want more? See the movie. For the snack pick, see this trail :

Just enjoy the movie, get some tiket now!.